The One With The Barcelona Album

a long overdue project finally completed a couple of weeks ago!

hand painted chip board cover

hand painted chip board cover

after a lovely holiday to Barcelona in February i had over three thousand photos to sort through. since last xmas, when my perfect and amazing other half has decided to get me an incredible camera, i have become a photo enthusiast! i’m sure by now he regrets his decision. he probably wasn’t counting on being my most frequently used subject for my creativity. ‘look at me!’ ‘smile’ ‘stop! .. left…left…up a bit…now!’ 😀

my scrapbooks have been developing a lot since I started out with simple, premade photo albums, but I wanted this one to be amazing, just as amazing as the fun we are having in the pictures! i cannot believe how lucky I am to be able to travel to these fantastic places, and to do it with my best friend. if someone told me 5 years ago i would have as much love and happiness in my life as I have now, i would most definitely not have believed them!

restaurant menus...

restaurant menus…



I tend to keep souvenirs from every restaurant and attraction. tickets, business cards, restaurant bills and placemats all make their way into a keepsake box, or an album. i love looking back at them, together, with a cup of hot chocolate and some snacks 🙂 it makes for a good night in on an anniversary! already getting cheesy, oh my, i’ll stop!

Here are some more photos of the album…

Museu Nacional

Museu Nacional

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

tonight is a quiet one, enjoying the laziness that is the privilege of a twenty-something student life…




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