The One With Portobello Market

shopping on a market is like going on a holiday… the colours of hand-painted textile and vintage upholstery, the smell of fresh fruit and homemade waffles, the people from all around the world looking for antique bargains and exclusive finds…it’s several shops packed into one!! antiques, food, vintage clothing, arts and crafts supplies, jewellery and toys…what’s not to love??

I live 2 minutes from Portobello Market, and have a habit of spending more than I can admit on things that I absolutely do not need or have the storage space for.


whether you’re a foodie, a health freak or just plain hungry, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste-buds. best destination for fresh, exotic exotic ingredients, and mouth-watering hot food.

IMG_5065 IMG_5073most of the street’s fruit stalls are family businesses with third or fourth generation traders who’ve spent their whole lives selling goods on the market. if you spend some time sweet-talking them, they will tell you things about oranges and mushrooms and fish that you didn’t even know existed.


The prices are almost always a cheaper than supermarkets, and many stalls exclusively sell organic, seasonal products.



Laura Stevens Ward, director of Buddhafly London

Meet Laura. Her collections were inspired by trips to India, where the colours and textures left a lasting mark on her designs. She also founded charity, Buddhafly, raising funds for a family she met while volunteering in India.

IMG_5119 IMG_5120
Check out her Facebook page and website for more details on her collections and for information on how to donate to her charity.


Amongst the huge selection of vintage and antique traders there are plenty of contemporary designers to be found on Portobello Market.

Sefa Huyuk, a designer from Turkey has had a stall on the market for four years.

Sefa Huyuk, free-lance jewellery designer

Sefa Huyuk, free-lance jewellery designer

‘I source the materials and gems from India and Turkey. I like to accommodate the shape of the stone without cutting.’

IMG_5134 IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5126 IMG_5125 IMG_5123

Sefa sells custom jewellery on Etsy, where he also takes personal request for specially designed pieces.


the proper flea market starts from the Northern side of the market where you’ll find everything from retro knick-knacks to mid-century pottery and serious antiques…

IMG_5083 IMG_5098

Brocant Antique is a moving shop of womders.

‘We scour the flea-markets and thrift shops of Europe to source the most original and inspiring articles, to grace your home and delight your heart. From retro German lavaware to Belgian art deco, from old medicine bottles to recycled coat hooks fashioned from antique silverware. Trust me: Your heart’s desire is out there, just waiting for Brocant to discover it!’

IMG_5097 IMG_5096 IMG_5095 IMG_5094 IMG_5093 IMG_5092 IMG_5091

They also organise coach trips of vintage markets around Europe. You can find out more about them here.


you can be sure of one advantage when it comes to market vs. high street: it is one of a kind. whether it’s clothing, furniture or jewellery, hand made contemporary or vintage, you will never see it anyone else.

IMG_5192 IMG_5175 IMG_5172 IMG_5179 IMG_5164 IMG_5162 IMG_5160 IMG_5159 IMG_5158 IMG_5152 IMG_5156 IMG_5157 IMG_5148 IMG_5144 IMG_5141 IMG_5113 IMG_5111 IMG_5109 IMG_5106 IMG_5104 IMG_5102 IMG_5099

IMG_5082 IMG_5081 IMG_5076

happy shopping for this weekend…, -timi




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