The One With My Bestie – 1.


so I have already abandoned the one-post-a-week plan I have so carefully planned when I set up my blog, because…well, because I was just having so much freakin’ fun!

my dear friend Nora stayed with us these past two weeks. but it’s not like this never happened before. her two week vacations to london-town in august are becoming a thing. and a thing I look forward to all year might I add. because there are only a few people in your life that know all the embarrassing secrets about you since you were fourteen and love you all the same. because we both drink coffee religiously. because we can point at the tower bridge for the 50th time and scream how amazing it is. because we can still take one more photo of the big ben… we haven’t got this angle yet…with this light…with clouds…at night… because we can drink cheap, horrible wine out of paper pirate-cups, sitting on a freezing park bench while singing old Jennifer lopez songs (you heard me! jenny from the block!!!) and have the best time EVER. because we can plan a trip to the seaside without actually checking if the thing we want to see is open. and we both really want to move into Waterstones, might I add. a full-on facilitated one, with big fluffy beds, wine, chocolates and a pizza-restaurant and a personal massour.

but let the fun speak for itself…

and yes, art is fun!

and yes, art is fun!

we visited the Royal Academy of Arts to find out they have a docent named Nigel who can talk about the academy for a full two hours without taking a breath. he answered all questions and recited the history of the building and the art inside with no hesitation… I mean it! he mentioned at least thirty dates without a blink and led us into rooms that ‘are-not-usually-open-to-the-public-but-no-one-will-notice’ to tell us that ‘it’s-ok-to-take-as-many-pictures-as-you-want-just-not-when-security-is-around’. coolest guy ever.

the future crib of my future babies

the future crib of my future babies

I kid you not, I have photographed the plan of the crib (it rocks) so that I can build it. and it has the stars painted on the inside. and birds and princesses on the outside. sigh.

then we went to the tower. because a trip to london doesn’t count unless you have been to the tower, especially when it is decorated with delicious, scarlet poppies.

the Tower and the poppies

the Tower and the poppies

There will be a total of 888,246 poppies which will be planted in the tower’s moat – one for each British and Colonial fatality during the war. The poppies will be planted until 11th November. You can volunteer to help complete the project AND you can contribute by buying a poppy to support some of the most inspiring charities in the UK.


gorgeous view


funny faces are the best way to take pictures


a selfie despite all the nasty looks from hurrying tourists

we have a few things, we lovely ladies of the zoo* (*looong explanation needed :D) and these little things have powers. they have the power to cheer me up anytime and anywhere. a thought is enough. or a photo to awaken a memory. starbucks and street lamps are just two of these.


starbucks, you must understand. the creamy sweetness of a caramel hot chocolate snuggled in the corner of a café on the leather couch. the warm feeling of a tall latte on a rainy day shopping trip. unbeatable.


starbucks ladies

streetlamps? harder to explain. nori got me hooked on these gorgeous little things. something about the colour of worn-out black paint. the flickering light of a vintage lamp in front of a museum. a freshly painted blue beauty to match the colour parade of tower bridge.


the blue beauty

there is so much to love about this girl I cannot begin to tell you, but I will. I will in good time. now to make another cuppa coffee and put in another episode of SATC.

-to-be-continued, -t


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