The One With My Bestie – 2.

and the goodness continues…

we enjoyed a spontaneous picnic in Kew Gardens after a lo-ong tube ride on the district line. and I mean long.


don’t you love the vintage look of a cracked underground sign? you gotta


oh the waiting…

but after much anticipation and walking and hoping-it-will-not-rain, the sun actually came out to greet us. come on in, ladies. sit down. enjoy the view.


lovely little lake


with lovely little ducks


and lovely little flowers

IMG_5816 IMG_5802 IMG_5801 IMG_5819 IMG_5822

things I loved about Kew

*the symphony of colours. lavender and daises and poppies and carnations. oh, how I love flowers. sigh  

* the amazing smells. coffee plant. freshly cut grass. sunshine. I swear sunshine smells.

*cute little walkways

*the frightening tree-top walk

*the humid, almost unbearable air in the glasshouse

I mean really! how many kinds of green are there?

IMG_1119 IMG_1101 IMG_5828 IMG_5829 IMG_5837 IMG_5841

and the frightening treetop walk… FYI choosing the elevator reserved for buggies and disabled access out of laziness also means that when you do step onto the very-thin-and-see-through floor you will quickly decide that this was a bad idea, it is too high and it’s time to turn back. but than people behind you are waiting to come out of the lift and you must move. you must.

IMG_1191 IMG_1172 IMG_1163

next stop: St Paul’s Cathedral. i don’t think i can find the words to describe the majesty of this miracle. one of the largest churches in the world, with the second largest dome reaching 366 feet high. to go up you need to climb 259 steps. i counted. lied she.


the dome of St Paul’s

and we have seen it before. but never with such angry clouds behind it. never looking so fierce. terrible light for photos but hey, we tried.


but than the sun decided. I’m not gonna ruin this awesome day. i am tired and i wanna go back, hiding behind the clouds, but i will allow them to bathe in my light a little longer. just a few more pictures. thank you, your shininess.

IMG_5928 - Copy

love photographing phone boxes. they make me think of my mum. she loves them.


lion heads


a sidewalk i am definitely taking my grandma to when she is visiting. she will never wanna leave.


oh the five minutes of blue skies.


churches make me feel so humble. so small.


and for the girly moments

when we order takeaway American ribs that makes our mouths water, drink a bottle of wine while watching a comedy AND THAN decide to get all dressed up and made up and lets take the second bottle to the London Eye. because we can. and because nothing beats the night-lights of our lover, london.


notting hill gate


ready for fun with lady gaga in our ears. i was born this way, baby.


big ben selfie. i could make hundreds of these aka i-live-in-London-and-i-still-can’t-believe-it


loving london


maybe loving London a bit too much?

and than we had to see something in the globe theatre. because it’s fabulous and it only costs £5 for a standing ticket so no Londoner has an excuse for not having been. our choice: Antony and Cleopatra did not disappoint. and a massive well done to Sirina Saba who stepped in for Eva Best last minute and still managed to pull of the leading role of cleopatra. remembering all the choreography while holding a script. making us laugh out loud with the way she handled her slip-ups. pure grace i tell you.

and the view from the theatre…


this bridge always makes me think about the Harry Potter movies…

IMG_1270 IMG_1273



and now the lady has gone home, our two weeks is up. i miss her dearly. being with my friends from home is always so special. i wish i could do it more often. and you, Nori should come back more often. i promise to make you cinnamon pancakes with coffee every morning. there. you have that in writing.


get baking everyone. you know you want to.




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