The One With The Trip To Brighton

on the 17 August at approximately 8.17 am two girls in their early twenties (khm. mid!! khm.) looked out of the window of a Kensington apartment and have questioned the feasibility of their plan due to unwanted British weather conditions appearing on the horizon.

who am I kidding?? there was no plan. There barely was a ‘pla’ (Friends reference, anyone?)

the itinerary of the trip went something like this.

1. a decision made years ago to finally go down to Brighton, because…. it sound so cool! (?)

2. a couple of destinations and post codes searched for in Google

3. five minutes spent debating which church and museum to choose

4. a boyfriend in a whimsical mood finally agreeing to drive us*        (*sense the tone :D)

But hey, no one ever died of improvising a little trip so we sat out. And even though the Toy Museum is not open on Mondays (plan failure No.1) and we got showered in a rain/ wind storm on the pier (plan failure No.2) and we got lost on the way to parking the car, BOTH TIMES (plan failure No.3) we ended up having a pretty good time.

A few things we loved…

vintage and handmade items crowding small shops

little shopping streets

little shopping streets

funky street art

that is indeed Smurfs with machine guns

that is indeed Smurfs with machine guns

fabulous porcelain art


ok I admit I was the only one who thought they were fabulous… I can’t help it! they remind me of my grandma’s living room. she has so many porcelain goodies!! two dancing girls (one of which was temporarily a headless dancing girl, until we found superglue to save our butts from kicking!), a wise owl sitting on a book and I seem to remember some sort of fat Aladdin-looking creature in a yellow gown?

Andy has completely dismissed them as cheesy-and-over-the-top. Never mind 🙂


but hey…who doesn’t like a bit of cheesiness every now and then?



delicious vintage puppets on wires!!!

even though the toy museum was not open, we found some lovely puppets in the museum, where two of my favourite people ever have gifted me with a one-night-only show of The Crocodile, The Princess And The Clown.

IMG_6222 IMG_6227 IMG_6216

the pier

despite the constant wind blowing us almost over the edge and the twelve minute rainstorm that ushered everyone into the tiny arcade we managed to take some pretty awesome pictures

IMG_6282 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6246 IMG_6248 IMG_6254 IMG_6292

well all right, the last one is not the best quality, but I couldn’t leave it out… 🙂

a walk to the Marina

when we got to the port there was a big BOOM and two unicorns rode in on a rainbow carrying the sun in a carriage that had wheels shaped like a watermelon. the grey sky and all the clouds suddenly transformed into Adam Sandler and got sucked through a secret portal to another dimension. all right, I lied.

but the sun did come out.

IMG_6347 IMG_6325

happy weekend, -t



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