The One With 10 Signs Of Your Obsession With Television Series

not including when you start every blog post alluding to Friends

It started so innocently.

I moved in I discovered that my man was not only organized and clean (catch-catch!!!) but owned the full box set of Friends. They would occasionally be played in the background so I wouldn’t have to listen to the convoy of police cars and swearing tourists on their way to Portobello Market. Just one episode a day, maybe two…or five.

They are, of course designed to be addictive, with high end research tools being used to calculate every element in a series, to the point where writers of hit shows are taking advice from psychology studies in structuring episodes and series endings.

But when did this all begin? Remember the days when serial television was only beginning to be popular and the audience watched an average 1 episodes in 4 and still could keep up with the storyline? Without OnDemand and recording facilities on the television there was not much we could do, because, well… not everyone could make it to the couch for Wednesday nights at 8pm. And life went on.

Can you imagine not watching every episode of Breaking Bad? True Detective? House of cards? Game of Thrones? Even 24? I have to admit I feel lost after 5 minutes looking for my hairband behind the couch.
Queue: annoying questions to my other half met with raised eyebrows and if-you-want-to-watch-it-than-watch-it-properly looks.

After having seen all Friends seasons more than seven times now I am unashamed of being able to finish almost every sentence. But I didn’t stop there. Sex and the City, Dr. House, Desperate Housewives and New Girl all came and stayed. I don’t know what it is about them. They comfort you and welcome you into their world every time. There is no change, there are no surprises and even when things look bad, you know it will work out. I just love that feeling. That you know that after a fight with your mum, a bad day at work, a messed up casserole or a given-up 5k run there is still a world where all is going to work out. And I know it, cause I’ve seen it a hundred times.
It’s like picking up the Harry Potter books when you’re sick. Because going to Hogwarts would make everything better. Yes it would.

But here is what I learned as a television nut. There is a stage where you do need to stop. Because there are other beautiful and exciting things to be experienced, lunches with friends to arrange, a coffee to be made, a romantic walk to take, an essay to write… not that I am suggesting that writing an essay is beautiful, but it’s necessary and can be fun. (my recipe: a hot cup of coffee with whipped cream, a packet of chocolate digestives and ENYA.)

And even though I sound like a possessed lunatic when I talk about my favourite tv series that is why I can tell you some definite signs you need to lay off your remote:

  1. You know the theme song by heart, have it on every playlist in your phone and listen to it repeatedly.
  2. You have bought an item of clothing just because it reminded you of something your favourite characters wore.
  3. You have cancelled a night out or a date to stay home and watch it.
  4. You regularly make references in random conversations with lines from the show.
  5. You wish you could date some of the characters. In fact you are dating them-in your head.
  6. Whenever you are sick, bored or sad you are watching them.
  7. You get seriously angry if people talk while you are trying to watch them.
  8. You have T-Shirt with the show’s logo and main characters. And you wear them. A lot.
  9. You have posters/postcards/magazines related to your show or its actors collected in a box.
  10. You will pay the highest price to get your hands on the new series DVD when it comes out. Best pre-order of course.

So go shut down your computer, turn off that tv and go outside.

I will do the same, and have a dip in the pool, because who blogs on a holiday with a view like this??





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