Southbank Food Festival

Visiting the culinary wizards of The Real Food Festival has become a tradition of ours in the last couple of years. An amazing range of street food tents pop up every Friday behind Southbank Centre where you can find anything and everything. The best part is the free testers of course, every student foodie’s dream! Taste a home-made organic honey, a Spanish sausage made of ox meat, a chunk of exotic cheese, a bite of fresh olives, a dash of polish mustard with slow roasted pulled pork…seriously intense experience and it can almost fill you up by itself. That is almost, because they don’t offer tasters of churros which is a must have on any street food event if you ask me.

Here are some pictures to get your taste buds excited…

IMG_8464 IMG_8465 IMG_8468 IMG_8469 IMG_8470 IMG_8472 IMG_8475 IMG_8477 IMG_8481 IMG_8482 IMG_8489

food Bloomsbury Food food2

This place is so worth checking out. They are open every weekend Friday to Sunday behind Southbank Centre, only a few minutes away from many cultural events so you can combine the pleasures! Have fun, -t





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