About Me

About me. Hm. What is there to say about me.
I wonder if you-who-visited-my-blog (hi mum!) would want to know more about me, or about my blog. There is certainly a few little things I like to get straight when I allow a person into my heart, and you, my dear reader, are officially warmly and happily: welcome.

So here are some inevitable facts that could fatally determine my liking you
* books are saint
* a hot chocolate is not a hot chocolate without whipped cream and marshmallows
* wearing pyjamas all day is cool
* being creative is even cooler
* pictures and words go well together

I started this blog, fighting creative a.d.d. and all, to document my on-going projects, my endless lists of ideas of projects and to help me concentrate on the things that really matter, my family and my loved ones.

I love meeting new people and I’m so interested in what you need to say so… feel free to comment and leave your mark.


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. timi Post author

      That is so nice to hear! You are my first commenter and made my day! I am busy getting ready for a holiday but will definitely check out your blog while sunbathing next week! šŸ™‚ timi



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