About Me

There are certainly a few little things I like to get straight when I welcome a person into my heart and you, my dear reader, are officially and very warmly welcome.

So here are some facts of life I find inescapable
* Books are untouchable, sacred and priceless. Do NOT rip out their pages and don’t EVER throw one out!
* I’m a Christian.
* A hot chocolate is not a hot chocolate without whipped cream.
* Wearing pyjamas all day is most definitely acceptable.
* Pictures and words go well together.
* Hungarians have given the world the ballpoint pen, Rubik’s cube, krypton bulbs, binoculars, soda water, turbo generators, three phase motors, the merge sort algorithm (foundation of digital computing), the hydrogen bomb and holography. You’re welcome.

This blog is not really for you (sorry…) but I enjoy a good talk over a coffee so by all means- reach out.


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. timi Post author

      That is so nice to hear! You are my first commenter and made my day! I am busy getting ready for a holiday but will definitely check out your blog while sunbathing next week! 🙂 timi



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