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Little Gems of Travel – Csongrad

You will have never heard of this place and are unlikely to ever visit it. But it is beautiful and special to my heart so I will encourage you to think about it.

IMG_9301 IMG_9308 IMG_9303 IMG_9309 IMG_9310 IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9405 IMG_9407 IMG_9475 IMG_9486


The One With Xmas Memories

I am really starting to miss Xmas.

I knoooow that it’s the middle of spring and I should be (and am- for the most part) so happy about the sunshine. And I enjoy the good weather as much as anyone, especially in England, where let’s face it, it never lasts for long! I love a good walk in the park, wild flowers, ice cream, sunbathing and all that comes with rising temperatures but sometimes I can’t help but think about Christmas. Or in my head karácsony…

There is something about the smell of cinnamon and candle… the sight of ornaments and Christmas cards and decorations… the taste of delicious gulyas and brioche and stuffed cabbage…

(hm…for you I’d better say turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie I guess… 😀 )

For all the above reasons I believe it is time for some Christmas reminiscing…

Some things worth knowing about my family is that we take our Xmas seriously! Even though in Hungary traditionally Baby Jesus brings the presents my mum loves to go ALL OUT when we have Andy around 🙂



We take our time with decorations (about half a day) and take regular cake and dance breaks!!

IMG_9091 IMG_9076 IMG_9079 IMG_9081 Last year was extra special because my good friend, Jenny came to visit us!! ❤



And she is not that different from us, really, When it comes to acting like a crazy two years old she can keep up just fine!!

IMG_9049 IMG_9035 IMG_9013

Unfortunately we only get to see my family about twice a year, so we end up celebrating all birthdays, namedays, anniversaries, mother’s day in twice yearly intervals. Although it’s not like we need an excise for cake!


Clearly we don’t always like having our picture taken… 😀

IMG_9009 IMG_9060



But we have some very photogenic cutie pies who make up for these awkward adult shots!


IMG_9202 IMG_9215 IMG_9125 IMG_9110 IMG_8882

We do of course give presents, but usually just end up falling asleep on them…

IMG_9290 IMG_9267

And then there are those who are not related by blood but they might as well be ❤ ❤


Even if I only go home for a couple of days I always squeeze in some time for some of my besties! And what better place than the Xmas market with mulled wine and lots of souvenirs??!!


IMG_8936 IMG_8960 IMG_8965 IMG_8968 IMG_8947 IMG_8943 IMG_8941 IMG_8948

For those of you less fortunate who did not have the pleasure of trying a chimney cake yet, you must you must you must!!! It’s a traditional Eastern European fair-food (I say Eastern European, but I mean Hungarian – it’s just that Polish, Czech etc like to argue with us over this,,,) that is delicious and makes you lick all ten fingers! Literally, its covered with sugar!! 😀

Here is the sign to look for…



And as if this holiday would need any extra good news, my friend Szandi just had a baby and I went to visit them for the first time since!! Such a naughty little chap!

IMG_8910 IMG_8906


But enough of memory lane!



The One Where He Turned 30

I don’t think I ever made a big deal out of this here, but I have already met the love of my life. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true! I was never one of those people who believed in magical romance stories and happily ever after but I have to say if you are lucky/blessed/right place at the right time it can happen and it is awesome!

So you can see why it is a big deal when something cool happens to my other half, and I love to show him off, so here are some moments for his latest and greatest birthday!

Already can't keep their eyes open :D

Already can’t keep their eyes open 😀

And this is our adorable niece, Summer, thinking it’s her birthday of course!!!

IMG_8752 IMG_8757 IMG_8771 IMG_8735 IMG_8789


Just a little time spent unwrapping presents….

IMG_1494 IMG_1493 IMG_8805 IMG_8806


… and finished with a lovely day at Hampton Court Palace…



… and some pampering in the spa for which I was well prepared 😀 😀



And then he quietly turned 30 and guess what: haha NOTHING changed!! But we got to stend a day with the family and having fun for which there is no better excuse than a birthday!








The One Where We Went To Mallorca a.k.a. The Really Long Post

Most of this post was written under palm trees listening to Vivaldi, by the pool drinking cider and in airport lounges looking at holiday photos on my camera with my hands still smelling like sunscreen and melon.

We have arrived! Oh I wish there was someone taking our picture when we walked into the house, expressions must have been hilarious! Oohs and aahs in every direction as we went on a midnight discovery walk around our lovely holiday home. If you’ve ever seen any of those Spanish soap-operas from the 90s and thought I wanna live in a house like that! well that’s what it felt like. I still can’t believe it.
IMG_6420 IMG_6427 IMG_6428 IMG_6439 IMG_6447 IMG_6417 IMG_6414See? Told you so.

And than the fun began! Most of it being in the pool, where believe it or not, a plastic ball is quite enough to entertain up to 4 full grown men 😀

IMG_6658 IMG_6659 IMG_6660

But where the ball fails, there is always…

…climbing on each other’s back


…trying to catch a ball while balancing two men on your shoulders…


…and the fact that you fall every time really doesn’t matter because even when you do hold up for two seconds you always wish you were down again, crying with laughter



A new game was invented. Although we are probably not the first people to throw a ball around in the pool…

IMG_6828 IMG_6853 IMG_6879 IMG_6952

…but we must be the first ones to buy rope and set up a court, measure it out, argue over rules and loose our voices in shouting if someone doesn’t keep them.


The afternoons are spent with ham and cheese sandwiches and berry cider..

IMG_7088 IMG_7090 IMG_7041

And the evenings with playing Sevens, Rummy or Heads Up!

IMG_7096 IMG_7098

The first walk to Port Adriano was magical. Just when I thought the heat cannot turn up any higher, my thighs were sticky and my feet cut by cheap, plastic flip flops, we took a sharp right turn and saw this view

IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7120

oh happy days… and we are enjoying the sunshine so much. because having a tan rocks and makes you feel like a star. I catch myself shaking my booty at every noise that sounds remotely like music. 4 beers put down on the glass table? Shake it! Babies roaring in the corridor, following you around? Shake it! Sounds of Jay-Z flatly coming out of the headphone left on the desk? Shake it, shake it, shake it, baby!! We are rocking this holiday out!

IMG_7145 IMG_7147

Game of the day: guessing the price of the daily rental for the boats at the port. May I say, you never EVER get it right!

IMG_7141 IMG_7151 IMG_7158 IMG_7157 IMG_7168

And now I am off to edit some more pictures. Sunshine and coffee awaiting!