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The One With Xmas Memories

I am really starting to miss Xmas.

I knoooow that it’s the middle of spring and I should be (and am- for the most part) so happy about the sunshine. And I enjoy the good weather as much as anyone, especially in England, where let’s face it, it never lasts for long! I love a good walk in the park, wild flowers, ice cream, sunbathing and all that comes with rising temperatures but sometimes I can’t help but think about Christmas. Or in my head karácsony…

There is something about the smell of cinnamon and candle… the sight of ornaments and Christmas cards and decorations… the taste of delicious gulyas and brioche and stuffed cabbage…

(hm…for you I’d better say turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie I guess… 😀 )

For all the above reasons I believe it is time for some Christmas reminiscing…

Some things worth knowing about my family is that we take our Xmas seriously! Even though in Hungary traditionally Baby Jesus brings the presents my mum loves to go ALL OUT when we have Andy around 🙂



We take our time with decorations (about half a day) and take regular cake and dance breaks!!

IMG_9091 IMG_9076 IMG_9079 IMG_9081 Last year was extra special because my good friend, Jenny came to visit us!! ❤



And she is not that different from us, really, When it comes to acting like a crazy two years old she can keep up just fine!!

IMG_9049 IMG_9035 IMG_9013

Unfortunately we only get to see my family about twice a year, so we end up celebrating all birthdays, namedays, anniversaries, mother’s day in twice yearly intervals. Although it’s not like we need an excise for cake!


Clearly we don’t always like having our picture taken… 😀

IMG_9009 IMG_9060



But we have some very photogenic cutie pies who make up for these awkward adult shots!


IMG_9202 IMG_9215 IMG_9125 IMG_9110 IMG_8882

We do of course give presents, but usually just end up falling asleep on them…

IMG_9290 IMG_9267

And then there are those who are not related by blood but they might as well be ❤ ❤


Even if I only go home for a couple of days I always squeeze in some time for some of my besties! And what better place than the Xmas market with mulled wine and lots of souvenirs??!!


IMG_8936 IMG_8960 IMG_8965 IMG_8968 IMG_8947 IMG_8943 IMG_8941 IMG_8948

For those of you less fortunate who did not have the pleasure of trying a chimney cake yet, you must you must you must!!! It’s a traditional Eastern European fair-food (I say Eastern European, but I mean Hungarian – it’s just that Polish, Czech etc like to argue with us over this,,,) that is delicious and makes you lick all ten fingers! Literally, its covered with sugar!! 😀

Here is the sign to look for…



And as if this holiday would need any extra good news, my friend Szandi just had a baby and I went to visit them for the first time since!! Such a naughty little chap!

IMG_8910 IMG_8906


But enough of memory lane!




The One With The Trip To Brighton

on the 17 August at approximately 8.17 am two girls in their early twenties (khm. mid!! khm.) looked out of the window of a Kensington apartment and have questioned the feasibility of their plan due to unwanted British weather conditions appearing on the horizon.

who am I kidding?? there was no plan. There barely was a ‘pla’ (Friends reference, anyone?)

the itinerary of the trip went something like this.

1. a decision made years ago to finally go down to Brighton, because…. it sound so cool! (?)

2. a couple of destinations and post codes searched for in Google

3. five minutes spent debating which church and museum to choose

4. a boyfriend in a whimsical mood finally agreeing to drive us*        (*sense the tone :D)

But hey, no one ever died of improvising a little trip so we sat out. And even though the Toy Museum is not open on Mondays (plan failure No.1) and we got showered in a rain/ wind storm on the pier (plan failure No.2) and we got lost on the way to parking the car, BOTH TIMES (plan failure No.3) we ended up having a pretty good time.

A few things we loved…

vintage and handmade items crowding small shops

little shopping streets

little shopping streets

funky street art

that is indeed Smurfs with machine guns

that is indeed Smurfs with machine guns

fabulous porcelain art


ok I admit I was the only one who thought they were fabulous… I can’t help it! they remind me of my grandma’s living room. she has so many porcelain goodies!! two dancing girls (one of which was temporarily a headless dancing girl, until we found superglue to save our butts from kicking!), a wise owl sitting on a book and I seem to remember some sort of fat Aladdin-looking creature in a yellow gown?

Andy has completely dismissed them as cheesy-and-over-the-top. Never mind 🙂


but hey…who doesn’t like a bit of cheesiness every now and then?



delicious vintage puppets on wires!!!

even though the toy museum was not open, we found some lovely puppets in the museum, where two of my favourite people ever have gifted me with a one-night-only show of The Crocodile, The Princess And The Clown.

IMG_6222 IMG_6227 IMG_6216

the pier

despite the constant wind blowing us almost over the edge and the twelve minute rainstorm that ushered everyone into the tiny arcade we managed to take some pretty awesome pictures

IMG_6282 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6246 IMG_6248 IMG_6254 IMG_6292

well all right, the last one is not the best quality, but I couldn’t leave it out… 🙂

a walk to the Marina

when we got to the port there was a big BOOM and two unicorns rode in on a rainbow carrying the sun in a carriage that had wheels shaped like a watermelon. the grey sky and all the clouds suddenly transformed into Adam Sandler and got sucked through a secret portal to another dimension. all right, I lied.

but the sun did come out.

IMG_6347 IMG_6325

happy weekend, -t

The One With My Bestie – 2.

and the goodness continues…

we enjoyed a spontaneous picnic in Kew Gardens after a lo-ong tube ride on the district line. and I mean long.


don’t you love the vintage look of a cracked underground sign? you gotta


oh the waiting…

but after much anticipation and walking and hoping-it-will-not-rain, the sun actually came out to greet us. come on in, ladies. sit down. enjoy the view.


lovely little lake


with lovely little ducks


and lovely little flowers

IMG_5816 IMG_5802 IMG_5801 IMG_5819 IMG_5822

things I loved about Kew

*the symphony of colours. lavender and daises and poppies and carnations. oh, how I love flowers. sigh  

* the amazing smells. coffee plant. freshly cut grass. sunshine. I swear sunshine smells.

*cute little walkways

*the frightening tree-top walk

*the humid, almost unbearable air in the glasshouse

I mean really! how many kinds of green are there?

IMG_1119 IMG_1101 IMG_5828 IMG_5829 IMG_5837 IMG_5841

and the frightening treetop walk… FYI choosing the elevator reserved for buggies and disabled access out of laziness also means that when you do step onto the very-thin-and-see-through floor you will quickly decide that this was a bad idea, it is too high and it’s time to turn back. but than people behind you are waiting to come out of the lift and you must move. you must.

IMG_1191 IMG_1172 IMG_1163

next stop: St Paul’s Cathedral. i don’t think i can find the words to describe the majesty of this miracle. one of the largest churches in the world, with the second largest dome reaching 366 feet high. to go up you need to climb 259 steps. i counted. lied she.


the dome of St Paul’s

and we have seen it before. but never with such angry clouds behind it. never looking so fierce. terrible light for photos but hey, we tried.


but than the sun decided. I’m not gonna ruin this awesome day. i am tired and i wanna go back, hiding behind the clouds, but i will allow them to bathe in my light a little longer. just a few more pictures. thank you, your shininess.

IMG_5928 - Copy

love photographing phone boxes. they make me think of my mum. she loves them.


lion heads


a sidewalk i am definitely taking my grandma to when she is visiting. she will never wanna leave.


oh the five minutes of blue skies.


churches make me feel so humble. so small.


and for the girly moments

when we order takeaway American ribs that makes our mouths water, drink a bottle of wine while watching a comedy AND THAN decide to get all dressed up and made up and lets take the second bottle to the London Eye. because we can. and because nothing beats the night-lights of our lover, london.


notting hill gate


ready for fun with lady gaga in our ears. i was born this way, baby.


big ben selfie. i could make hundreds of these aka i-live-in-London-and-i-still-can’t-believe-it


loving london


maybe loving London a bit too much?

and than we had to see something in the globe theatre. because it’s fabulous and it only costs £5 for a standing ticket so no Londoner has an excuse for not having been. our choice: Antony and Cleopatra did not disappoint. and a massive well done to Sirina Saba who stepped in for Eva Best last minute and still managed to pull of the leading role of cleopatra. remembering all the choreography while holding a script. making us laugh out loud with the way she handled her slip-ups. pure grace i tell you.

and the view from the theatre…


this bridge always makes me think about the Harry Potter movies…

IMG_1270 IMG_1273



and now the lady has gone home, our two weeks is up. i miss her dearly. being with my friends from home is always so special. i wish i could do it more often. and you, Nori should come back more often. i promise to make you cinnamon pancakes with coffee every morning. there. you have that in writing.


get baking everyone. you know you want to.


The One With My Bestie – 1.


so I have already abandoned the one-post-a-week plan I have so carefully planned when I set up my blog, because…well, because I was just having so much freakin’ fun!

my dear friend Nora stayed with us these past two weeks. but it’s not like this never happened before. her two week vacations to london-town in august are becoming a thing. and a thing I look forward to all year might I add. because there are only a few people in your life that know all the embarrassing secrets about you since you were fourteen and love you all the same. because we both drink coffee religiously. because we can point at the tower bridge for the 50th time and scream how amazing it is. because we can still take one more photo of the big ben… we haven’t got this angle yet…with this light…with clouds…at night… because we can drink cheap, horrible wine out of paper pirate-cups, sitting on a freezing park bench while singing old Jennifer lopez songs (you heard me! jenny from the block!!!) and have the best time EVER. because we can plan a trip to the seaside without actually checking if the thing we want to see is open. and we both really want to move into Waterstones, might I add. a full-on facilitated one, with big fluffy beds, wine, chocolates and a pizza-restaurant and a personal massour.

but let the fun speak for itself…

and yes, art is fun!

and yes, art is fun!

we visited the Royal Academy of Arts to find out they have a docent named Nigel who can talk about the academy for a full two hours without taking a breath. he answered all questions and recited the history of the building and the art inside with no hesitation… I mean it! he mentioned at least thirty dates without a blink and led us into rooms that ‘are-not-usually-open-to-the-public-but-no-one-will-notice’ to tell us that ‘it’s-ok-to-take-as-many-pictures-as-you-want-just-not-when-security-is-around’. coolest guy ever.

the future crib of my future babies

the future crib of my future babies

I kid you not, I have photographed the plan of the crib (it rocks) so that I can build it. and it has the stars painted on the inside. and birds and princesses on the outside. sigh.

then we went to the tower. because a trip to london doesn’t count unless you have been to the tower, especially when it is decorated with delicious, scarlet poppies.

the Tower and the poppies

the Tower and the poppies

There will be a total of 888,246 poppies which will be planted in the tower’s moat – one for each British and Colonial fatality during the war. The poppies will be planted until 11th November. You can volunteer to help complete the project AND you can contribute by buying a poppy to support some of the most inspiring charities in the UK.


gorgeous view


funny faces are the best way to take pictures


a selfie despite all the nasty looks from hurrying tourists

we have a few things, we lovely ladies of the zoo* (*looong explanation needed :D) and these little things have powers. they have the power to cheer me up anytime and anywhere. a thought is enough. or a photo to awaken a memory. starbucks and street lamps are just two of these.


starbucks, you must understand. the creamy sweetness of a caramel hot chocolate snuggled in the corner of a café on the leather couch. the warm feeling of a tall latte on a rainy day shopping trip. unbeatable.


starbucks ladies

streetlamps? harder to explain. nori got me hooked on these gorgeous little things. something about the colour of worn-out black paint. the flickering light of a vintage lamp in front of a museum. a freshly painted blue beauty to match the colour parade of tower bridge.


the blue beauty

there is so much to love about this girl I cannot begin to tell you, but I will. I will in good time. now to make another cuppa coffee and put in another episode of SATC.

-to-be-continued, -t