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Turn the Music UP!

On our first, very tired night in DC we stumbled into a shabby little bar called Black Cat on U street. Google said it was a cool place to listen to some music a bit away from the touristy parts of town and he was right.

Although we arrived way too early in good touristy fashion (the tickets said 7… amateurs XD) at least we had time to settle down after a lo-o-ong flight. And after a bit of merriment from BABY BRY BRY we finally got to here what we came for.

Hutch and Kathy of The Thermals was quite unknown to us, which makes the fact that their songs are now on all of my playlists from ‘Bath & Relax’ through ‘Aerobics’ and ‘Dance Around’, all the way to ‘Ironing’ and ‘Morning Mood’ an even bigger deal. I’m sure it was also my super loved-up ‘only-just-got-engaged-and-now-a-I-am-travelling-around-America-this-is-awesome’ mood but they were awesome and I have a new obsession.

I get these sometimes, a food, a band, a book, a hairdo…. can’t come off it for weeks 😀 They do tend to go away from time to time, because there is only so many times you can listen to Shake It Off or eat avocado toast, but this one has broken my record by being on top of my obsession list for over two months, I’m starting to think it’s here to stay.

Here is a little gem I recorded, after a few beers might I add..

And the full track list of their album cut “In Brilliance”, which I’m totally ordering on vinyl this Xmas!!

01 I Made You a Song
02 In Brilliance
03 Far & Lonely
04 On the Way to Work
05 My Unborn Beautiful
06 You’re On
07 To Heavens
08 Through the Day
09 Half These Tears
10 A Minute Decision
11 An Infinite Loop
12 Days in the Years
13 A Rich Nation
14 I Make You a Song

Happy hutching and kathying….see what I did there? yeah…. I’m tired……


The Big Trip

Drumroll please….OUR TRIP TO AMERICA IS FINALLY HERE!!! Months and months of detailed planning, late nights spent reading Tripadvisor reviews, in depth analyses of guide books and expensive phone calls at impossible hours are all about pay off!!

I am excited beyond recognition! I have bought approximately fifteen items of clothing with various U.S. city names written on them, even though I will probably (who am I kidding… definitely!!!) end up buying all sort of souvenir stuff along the way. But there is nothing like the anticipation of a holiday to make you feel like a child again 🙂
So I just allow myself the indulgences of

1. printing out my Broadway musical tickets for the third time
2. listening to Viva Las Vegas, California Dreaming, New York New York…because I have to “get in the mood”
3. watching Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sunset Boulevard and Chicago on repeat
4. making endless Pinterest walls of “Best Photo Locations in San Francisco”, “Places to Eat in NYC”, “Best Outdoor Date Locations in Chicago”.. because it’s fun even if we don’t get to do all of them

So in the spirit of being excited, here is the itinerary of our Big USA Trip of 2015:












I’m sipping my coffee at Heathrow with a boarding pass in my hand, so it is definitely happening!! This summer may well be the last one I can call a ‘summer break’ having just finished my degree (well, hope so, not got the “official” results yet) in Comparative Literature (aka “I’ll be unemployed studies”). This summer is still about travel, ice creams, friends, family, wedding planning (whoop whoop!!) and long naps. Before we move into our lovely new home in Portbury (Bristol) and I end up becoming a suburban housewife/ ambitious career woman with a hundred children, I want to make sure that we have some killer memories to look back on!


updates to follow